A Cherished Earthquake Survivor

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It’s amazing to us that out of the tragedy of the earthquake, so much is rising again, better than ever. One heartwarming example of this is the arrival of our latest member of the Ama Ghar family, our new dog Siddhi.


Siddhi, who was rescued by Animal Nepal from the rubble of a building three days after the earthquake, lost a leg in the process. But otherwise, she is happy and healthy – a loving new pet for the children, who were overjoyed to welcome her because they lost their young white dog Seti earlier this year.


Many thanks to Animal Nepal – specifically Dr. Pranab Joshi and Lucia de Vries and Chadani Lama for nursing Siddhi back to health.


As you can see by the photos, Siddhi is enjoying all the attention and the children are so kind and sweet to her – this promises to be a wonderful relationship and a good ending for all.

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  1. Siddhi looks as if she is laughing along with the children. How sweet that these children can take in an orphan of their own. Thank you for the story.

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