15 Years and Going Strong

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It’s been 15 years today (August 1) since the official founding of Ama Ghar.


Thinking back, it’s astonishing how much has been accomplished – and as is true with any family, the kids just grow up too fast! This photo was taken at the old Ama Ghar home, probably around 2004. Almost all the children in this photo are grown up and living away from Ama Ghar, either at university, skill training, interning or work… and our five recent SLC graduates (Akriti, Sangita, Jenuka, PoPo and Rupa) are all in the front row of this photo.

Through triumphs and disasters, we have remained a close and loving family. Our grown children have become successful adults and those in school continue to make us proud. We have built our own home, and our family continues to grow and our remarkable staff has been brilliant, steady and loyal through the years.

Today we acknowledge our debt of gratitude to Bonnie, Shrawan, Ama Tika, Shekhar, our Ama Ghar and Ama Foundation boards, and our wonderful donors and friends around the world. You’re our reason to celebrate!

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