Winter Fun at Ama Ghar!

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Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean our family doesn’t have any fun… no sitting around being bored for these kids! One of our favorite things to do, no matter what the time of year, is to put on a show – the kids call them “dramas” – and our cache of costumes is growing.

The cast and crew of our latest drama await instructions from a big sister

And since one of their older sisters is a fashion designer, the little girls like to dress up and pretend they’re on the catwalk… what a hoot!

Nirjala is our budding runway model – and she put together quite a striking ensemble!

This kind of play is so good for the children’s imaginations. They write their own plays, concoct their own costumes and direct each other enthusiastically – and their creations are a colorful combination of cultures. Visitors are invited to bring costumes and join in!