We Are So Lucky to Have Three Mums!

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We had a visit this winter from three ladies from the UK who we love so much! Our Three Mums are Sherry, Elissa and Lola and their annual visits are highly anticipated, to say the least… starting at least a month in advance Bonnie Auntie and the staff get queried “When are they coming?” “How long until they get here?”

These amazing ladies bring gift bags that have been donated by supporters in the UK, one for everyone, including the staff – and they also bring laughter, excitement and lots of new projects. Enjoy the photo gallery below and join us in saying “THANK YOU” again and again to the Three Mums!

Sherry and Elissa are the lead instructors at Huddle & Bliss mother and baby well-being training and Lola is with Lacie Cox Photography. This year they brought personalized gift bags donated by Bliss Charity School in Nether Heyford to provide our kids with much needed items such as toothbrushes, underwear, socks, hats and gloves.
All the children enjoyed mask making with the Mums a lot!
A great game! Each team had to wrap a raw egg, using only tape and newspaper so that it would not break when dropped from the second floor of Ama Ghar! Amazingly all the teams were successful and a great time was had by all – here’s one team’s victory pose…
Painting Peace Pebbles to decorate the garden and grounds was a great project.
There was great excitement while opening gift bags!
Making thank you cards for the gift bag donors was an important learning experience… and the braver kids even made thank you videos. Click on the link below to see Leela’s video.