Walt & Patty’s Ama Ghar Adventure

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I feel like someone who has just received an incredible gift and can’t find the words to say thank you.

For over five weeks I enjoyed the privilege of visiting AmaGhar and getting to know the amazing children and fabulous adults who work and live there. My husband, Walt, joined me later on and jumped right in, enjoying every moment he could spend with the children – building paper airplanes, pinwheels and other fun things.

One of my favorite memories was the day we harvested the rice.  I saw the cooperative spirit of family as everyone worked together, from the youngest child, to the adult “graduates” of Ama Ghar who returned to join their family in this annual event.

It was more than the harvest though. I saw pictures of the planting day and, while there was work, there was also excitement and fun.  I love the way everyone is involved and learns about the process of preparing the soil, planting the rice, and patiently waiting for the harvest.  This was not just an activity; it was a celebration and a life skill. 

In the same spirit, I was moved by the way children are welcomed with love into the Ama Ghar family by the housemothers and fathers, as well as the brothers and sisters. I saw this amazing embrace take place with two of the newest children. They became a part of the family in such a natural way. There was no script, no outline…just pure love, acceptance, involvement. 

The heart of the home is in every person who lives and works at Ama Ghar.  The schedule is clear, from getting up, preparing for the day, going to school, playing, snacking, homework and dining.  There is an amazing balance that takes place with the interaction between the housemothers and fathers and the children.  I love watching the young adults who have grown up here, sharing in the responsibilities and encouraging  the younger children themselves.

The young adults are a celebration as well.  Each one of them is working toward a goal.  They receive much guidance from Bonnie Auntie as they mature and decide what they want to do next.  They are working, attending college and earning certificates through their education to prepare them for their next step.  Visiting with those who have graduated from Ama Ghar and are working and living on their own impressed me over and over again as they shared their vision for their future.  What a beautiful harvest.

The time I spent at Ama Ghar brought me joy. My heart has been touched by each person I encountered and I look forward to returning to the beauty of Ama Ghar again.

With Love,

Patty and Walt Dorlac