Trish’s Ama Ghar Story

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An Ama Ghar story from recent visitor Patricia McCully, who took the children on an outing to Bhaktapur. These outings are so important for the children’s cultural education – thank you, Trish!

“I am enjoying the warm weather in Godavari, a small valley south of Kathmandu, an arm of the larger Kathmandu valley. Godavari is the home of the beautiful botanical gardens, St. Xavier Jesuit school and a large Buddhist Monastery. This valley is the second largest watershed feeding the entire Kathmandu valley of 8 to 10 million people.

Taking the children on an outing to Bhaktapur, a World Heritage site and a treasure trove of Nepali culture.

I am staying at Ama Ghar, a permanent care home for children. Ama Ghar has successfully graduated 30 children from the home who are now young well educated and well balanced Nepalis, learning to navigate their newly found independence.  Currently, 50 children with an average age of 10 are active in their home programs. It is a joy to watch these children develop, each one unique and energizing.

Temple bells in Bhaktapur

I have sent a few pictures of my outing with the kids to a Ganesh Temple and then a day in Bhaktapur. Bhaktapur is an entire Newari village, certified as a World Heritage site.  Bhaktapur, as well as the entire valley, was ravaged by the 2015 earthquakes. Many ancient sites are being rebuilt throughout the region. The hidden blessing is that the renovations have revived the craft trades once again, and provided much needed jobs and skills training that were largely lost prior to the earthquake.”

Renovations after earthquake destruction are ongoing in Bhaktapur, restoring some of the most important ancient temples in Nepal.