Tihar 2076 – Beautiful!

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Akchar, Ramit and Jeevan are in a festive mood!

One of the most beautiful celebrations in the Nepali culture is the Newari tradition of Mha Puja – celebration of the self. Everyone in the family shares a celebratory feast and the feeling of love during Mha Puja at Ama Ghar is overwhelming.

The fifth day of Tihar is Brothers’ Day when sisters put tika on their brothers’ foreheads and give blessings, which is great fun at Ama Ghar because the girls love giving tika to their brothers. They pray to Yama, the God of Death, for their brothers’ progress, prosperity and longevity.

The brothers bring gifts to their sisters and the festival again ends with feasting. It is also traditional to go from house to house singing Tihar songs and bestowing blessings – then the residents of the house give money in return. It’s a spectacular evening, as houses are lit up all over the Kathmandu Valley.

And now the children will go back to school, which is always a tough adjustment after these beautiful rituals. Thanks for making that possible!