The Cycle of the Seasons at Ama Ghar

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Laxmi and Samjana hard at work… a good break from their studies!

We have just finished our first ever virtual fundraiser – and thanks to our generous Ama Ghar family, we raised enough to cover four months of operation – we are incredibly grateful. And even more importantly, we all got to see each other again, which is so powerful. Our attendees came from 16 different states and five countries. Thanks to all!

Now we get back to our normal life and the rhythm of the seasons, as with last week’s rice harvest and threshing. It’s hard work but it’s fun – and everyone participates, from the tiniest children to our Ama Ghar staff. It reminds us of where our food comes from and that when we all work together we can accomplish miracles. Enjoy the photos!

Ramit is a dynamo! No matter what he’s doing, he gives his all!
Our youngest child, Ganga Maya, with house father Tan Bahadur.
Buddha does everything with a smile… what a great trait!