Srijana’s Exciting News!

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Srijana will enjoy more gelato as she’s studying in Milan

We are so happy to share the news that our Srijana, who has a degree in fashion design, has received a full scholarship to Raffles Milano Instituto Moda e Design for a ten month intensive Masters course in Fashion Design and Business in Milan.

Irina and Rob welcome a very tired Srijana to Milan

In addition, she found a donor to help with expenses all on her own, so she is taking the next step toward the dynamic career she’s always dreamed of!

Thanks to Rob and Irina for their constant support and encouragement – they have found her a safe place to live within walking distance of her school – and she is hosted by a lovely Italian woman who will cook for her. What would be better than that?

Our worldwide Ama Ghar family is always there to support our children when they show this kind of initiative. Please join us in congratulating Srijana – we can’t wait to hear the next step in her adventures.