Silver Linings

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Rekha with her perfect 4.0 report card – we are so proud!

Sometimes the worst times lead to the biggest breakthroughs… we had two pieces of good news about our young Ama Ghar students now that they have gone back to school post-pandemic.

The first bit of good news was a note from the principal of their elementary school, who wrote to tell us “We are very happy with how the Ama Ghar children are performing now, not only in studies but also there has been a big change in their behaviour. They have become very disciplined.”

The lockdown school seems to be have been particularly good for Classes 2 – 5 who were taught at home by their older brothers and sisters. All kudos go to the older ones who kept the children engaged and exposed them to new subjects other than the school curriculum

Bonnie Auntie forwarded the principal’s compliment on to the brothers and sisters who were teachers (Akriti, Jenuka, PoPo, Rupa, Samjhana and Sandesh). Here’s what Jenuka wrote in response: “Being a teacher was tough but hearing this news made our effort worth sharing with the kids. I am really impressed about their behaviour change.”

And what could be even better news than this? Our little Rekha brought home a perfect 4.0 credit card! We are so proud of her – she is following in the footsteps of her big sisters. We haven’t had a 4.0 GPA since Manisha, who is now working on a Bachelor’s in Australia, was our star pupil.

Rekha will continue to do well as she is reading constantly and is always anxious to be the leader when playing new games. She is totally absorbed in Nancy Drew and the Box Car Children book series. Bonnie Auntie is visiting a lot of book stores to keep up with her reading requests.

Thank you to our Ama Ghar family for making these successes possible!