Moving Up and Moving Out!

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The exciting news – which is somewhat bittersweet – is that Jenuka, Po-Po, Sangita, Rupa and Akriti are all leaving their Ama Ghar home and moving into an apartment in Kathmandu, where they will be pursuing higher education and training.

Samjana is “helping” Po-Po to move into the new apartment – typical teenage chaos!

It’s bittersweet because although the girls are really excited, they’re understandably a bit nervous about leaving their house full of aunties and uncles, brothers and sisters, and learning to make it on their own. And the little ones aren’t sure they want to lose the big sisters who have been watching over them, either… so we decided to celebrate the Ama Ghar way – by having a big party!

Our littlest boy, Sushan, presents the girls with a card signed by all at Ama Ghar.

We even had a special program, including a dance created by the younger girls. Lots of snacks, games and hugs rounded out the evening – and we hope the girls will come home for visits very often…

A special dance for the big sisters!