Life Goes on and Ama Ghar is Hot, Hot, Hot!

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The children are still hard at work during their Zoom classes, but when they’re not, they’re lucky because they can be outside in our beautiful valley. Everyone has their own way of overcoming the stifling summer heat – the girls pick mulberries with their big sister Meena and the boys built themselves a pool out of cement blocks and USAID tarps left over from the earthquake… these kids know how to make their own fun! And the big payoff is the chance to make – and eat – lots of momos for dinner.

Mulberries fresh off the tree
Rekha and big sister Meena had to climb trees to get these yummy berries.
The boys enjoyed building this pool – but they had even more fun playing in it!
Momos for dinner – hooray!
Making momos is a cool indoor activity everybody can enjoy.