Learning to Love Lockdown

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First of all, we want to let you know that we think about our global Ama Ghar family every day and pray and meditate that you are all safe and well. Part of being a family is caring and that caring goes both ways. Thanks for all you do for us and we send you hugs from Nepal.

While we are on lockdown at Ama Ghar we are trying to keep the children’s routine as normal as possible, and that includes celebrating each month’s birthdays with candy for all, which Rheka is sharing with her brothers and sisters in the photo above. We’re also keeping a regular schedule of sports, chores, games, home schooling and meditation, with the help of some of the older ones who have joined us for the duration of lockdown. Everyone is rising to the occasion, as always. Enjoy this album that we made just for you!

Jenuka teaching with match flash cards – love the facial expressions!
Everyone has a turn at leading meditation – sending loving thoughts your way.
Helping Anita with garden chores.
An intense session with our future Chess Champions.
Board games are good for learning!
Jigsaw puzzles make the time pass quickly!