Learning to Climb with Anish

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We are so lucky to have a professional guide and mountain climber, Anish Lama, among our alumni. He is a trekking guide and also teaches emergency medical training to first responders.

Luckily for us, Anish arranged for three days of climbing for all Ama Ghar residents. Each day a different group of 10 or 11 children went to climb in different locations. The older ones went to a tough rock formation in the mountains and the little ones went to a climbing wall to learn basics.

Aneeta Auntie and Anish show the younger children how to warm up properly.
The older kids had a tougher climb, but they didn’t mind waiting – even that was fun!
Bina did a great job – climbing quickly to the top!

It was a good challenge for all and most managed very well. Even
little Ganga Maya was very interested until she got a foot off the ground and got scared! Everyone was thrilled to have an outing like this – thank you, Anish!