Laxmi’s Path Leads Home

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Laxmi Puja takes place on the third day of Tihar and is the beginning of our celebration at Ama Ghar – and we also celebrate our faithful Ama Ghar dogs with a Kukur Tihar right before that. Laxmi is the goddess of wealth and Vishnu’s wife. To prepare for her visit to our home to bestow blessings, we clean the house and decorate a path for her to follow into our home. The path is lit with candles and our aunties prepare sweet treats for us all to enjoy.

Pooja and Leela honor our Ama Ghar dogs with mallas, tikas and special food.

Everyone participates in drawing designs for Laxmi’s path and coloring them with tika powder. Then we light the path, dress for the holiday and await the visit from Laxmi. Legend has it that the happier the household, the more blessings Laxmi will bestow… in that case, we are in luck!

Making mallas from our own flowers…
Aunties cooking up special treats!
Creating our own special design.
Waiting for the goddess Laxmi to arrive…