Coping with Corona School Daze

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Sometimes you’ve just gotta climb a tree…

Our older children who are home and serving as teachers have reported more difficulty maintaining the younger ones’ attention as the days go on, but we are being creative with ways to keep them focused on their lessons. Sometimes helping their aunties with the fruit picking and kitchen chores seems like much more fun!

It’s been difficult because they were on school break when the lockdown began, and it’s hard for them to feel that they’re back in school because they haven’t put on a uniform and walked back to their classroom. We are using software for English and Math with the little ones, two or three at a time, and they are responding very well to that.

 Of course, the fact that so much time has elapsed means the children who were to take their exams for higher education this year will be moved back for several months, but this will give them more time to study and ensure good grades!

The plan is to stay hunkered down as long as necessary. The challenge for Bonnie and the staff is to remain positive when talking to the older ones but impressing upon them the realities of “Life with Covid19”. It’s hard to teach them about an enemy you can’t see.

All we can really do right now is share our calm, share our strength, share our laughter and believe that our kids are exactly where they need to be. Thanks for all you do to help us raise happy and healthy young people.