Budding Superstars at Ama Ghar!

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Welcome to our COVID-19 Diary, Month Four! Everyone is still studying hard and going to their Zoom classes, but some days that just isn’t enough… so our budding superstars created their own music video about how to deal with the virus, which you can watch by clicking here.

Cast Photo for Ama Ghar Music Video!

And we hope you enjoy the photo album below – life goes on and all is well – thanks to your support!

First topic – new hairstyles for the girls to stay cool and low-maintenance.

Being in lockdown requires easy-care hair like Bina’s new do!
New short cuts make everybody cool in more ways than one!

Next up – the creativity here abounds… the kids got busy upgrading the Ama Ghar decor, with great results.

The new mosaic pattern for the hallways… so cheery!
Aruneema and Samjana created a masterpiece in the living room.
Ang Maya cooled down the vibe in the living room with this lovely tree.

And finally, our Ama Ghar dogs are a constant source of amusement for all.

Sometimes the dogs need new glasses so they can watch Zoom class, too.
Our crack security team taking a snooze during the mid-day heat. We just let sleeping dogs lie, as the saying goes…