Keeping Busy During Lockdown #2

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We have to be inventive here at Ama Ghar to keep these children busy while on lockdown for the second time. No sooner had they gone back to school than they were locked down once again. A huge storm felled a palm tree and some of our bamboo, so now we use the palm tree as a bench to watch soccer and the bamboo is a great pole we can use to practice our balance. We sing, dance, talk, play marbles and have endless card games.

It’s small, but it’s COOL!

Once again this summer we are using our USAID tarps and benches to make a water pool for cooling off in hot weather – the kids really enjoy it even though it’s small. We are teaching Ganga Maya to use the hula hoop, which keeps everybody laughing, and we are practicing the “Jerusalema” dance every day, since we plan to perform that dance at our 20th Anniversary Event here at Ama Ghar. We will have a video to share very soon – and the video will be part of our 20th Anniversary Virtual Fundraiser on September 30 as well.

Practicing our Jerusalema Dance for the 20th Anniversary Program

Sadly, our three-legged dog Siddhi passed away. She was an earthquake and cancer survivor and so goofy that we all loved her. We miss her but we still have three dogs to keep us entertained.

RIP Siddhi – we loved you.