Ama Ghar is a Busy House!

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It’s amazing how busy the schedule can be when you have 50+ active people, mostly kids, in one house! Here are just a few of the current ongoing Ama Ghar activities… in addition to Zoom class and study hall, of course.

Celebrating the success of those who passed the SEE exam to go on to higher education and those who completed class 12 and will go on to university or job training!

On Saturday, the whole house celebrated Laxmi, Aruneema and Pawan, who have finished class 12 and are moving on to university and career training. Santosh and Samjhana S. celebrated, too, as they passed their SEE exams. Please join us in congratulating them all!

Ganesh works with Ajay and Laxman on an original mandala for the boys floor.
Almost done!

Not to be outdone by the amazing murals the girls painted on the downstairs walls, the boys have designed an original mandala for their floor, which is nearing completion – beautiful!

The Pen Pal team is hard at work!

Our Pen Pal team continues to grow, enjoying correspondence with kids of their own age in the U.S. and in Switzerland. Everyone on all three continents seems to be enjoying it – and they’re learning a lot, too.

Apparently Badi doesn’t agree with everything his sisters tell him to write about…
Alisha’s Pen Pal mission is accomplished, at least for this week!

The boys continue to come up with creative ways to express their never-ending energy… they make up new games to keep honing their athletic skills. Ramit and Bishal face off in the photo below – never a dull moment!