A Guardian Angel

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Last month we heard from our partner, friend and amazing member of our Ama Ghar family, Kathleen Moldovan. She was heartbroken because Katherine Nemeth (Kay), who had been a champion of Moldovan Academy, Kathleen’s school in the San Francisco Bay Area, had passed away. Kathleen asked to work with us to find a very special way to honor Kay. Read her tribute to Kay here.

Katherine Nemeth

May 9, 1941 – September 11, 2020

Kay Nemeth’s lifelong passion was a commitment to the children of her family and community. She was an educator, administrator, and in her retirement, our advisor.  She guided our school, Moldovan Academy, for close to a decade and, in that time, became our biggest advocate and our most cherished friend. She championed for our school every day and said that the children of the world come first. Guided by the principals of compassion, kindness, generosity, and service, we can’t think of a more appropriate way to honor our dear sweet Kay then to set up a fund in her name to support a child in need. 

Kay was our guardian, and now she is our guardian angel. May her spirit live on in through the souls of the children that she so graciously helped.

— Kathleen Moldovan

And now Kay’s commitment continues through her support of our beautiful little Ganga Maya – Kay will be her guardian angel throughout her time in the Ama Ghar program, supporting her and helping her to achieve her dreams through family love and education. Thank you, Moldovan Academy, for this generous gift.

Ganga Maya