A 19th Anniversary Album

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Our 19th Anniversary Program was created by all the children and staff at Ama Ghar during the lockdown of 2020… one of the most incredible events ever at our home. Please enjoy this photo album of the singers, dancers, actors – brothers, sisters, aunties and uncles who make up our Ama Ghar family.

The entire household, in costume before the event.
Aunties Bindhu and Aneeta anxiously awaiting the start of the show.
Aruneema and Laxmi were incredible emcees.
The boys opened the show by singing in traditional dress…
The cast of our fabulous fashion show
Ganga and Jamuna are the twin princesses!

And even though everyone in the house performed from staff to children from every age group, the showstopper was Sushan and Ganga Maya doing “Baby Shark”!