Song of Joy

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The girls with their fans: L to R Rama, Pratima, Pabita, Samjana, their big sister Bindhu and Shivani, daughter of our housemother, Uma Singh.

Last week marked another exciting milestone for the older Ama Ghar children, when four of our girls performed in a concert with the Kathmandu Chorale.

Samjana, Rama, Pabita and Pratima committed in December to weekly rehearsals with the Kathmandu Chorale, a group of volunteers that do two programs per year. One of their programs, the Christmas Chorale, has been a regular event that the Ama Ghar kids always attend during the holidays, so the girls were familiar and eager to join in. It was quite a new experience for them to learn the discipline of singing in a group and learning to read music – and they did really well, as you can see by the video link below (our girls are in the first row, far right).

The concert was fun for the rest of the house, too, as many other children came with me to lend them moral support.


 Watch the concert at :

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