Brighter Smiles at Ama Ghar

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At the end of March, Ama Ghar had some new visitors – and they were armed with toothbrushes! A group of dentists and their student assistants came to Ama Ghar to teach us all about proper dental hygiene. We invited children from another home as well as local village children to attend this fun and helpful session.

Ashim opens wide for his exam

Ashim opens wide for his exam

First, we all received new toothbrushes, and then we were divided into two teams: the Toothbrushes and the Toothpastes. Each team took turns getting instruction and dental checkups. And, of course, everyone had to eat some snacks so that we could practice brushing.

Everyone had a great time, with lots of play in between the brushing and checkups… and finally, we had to eat peanut butter and popcorn as the ultimate test of our brushing skills. It was a day of fun and learning!

Rekha reviews everyone's brushing technique

Rekha reviews everyone’s brushing technique

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