Anish Lama Starts His New Life

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Anish (far left) with his graduating class from trekking and guiding school.

Anish (far left) with his graduating class from trekking and guiding school.

Here’s some happy news – another one of the Ama Ghar kids has completed training that will enable him to leave Ama Ghar and lead a happy and productive life!

Anish has completed a two month river rafting guide training and a three month trekking guide training so is ready to join Nepal’s burgeoning tourism industry.  With his excellent English and ready smile, Anish is sure to be popular with trekkers from around the world.

His trekking training took him near the  highest peaks in Nepal, including Everest Base Camp. His group also  trained in the winter so Anish got a first hand experience of living in the cold.  Anish is a boy from Kathmandu, so had never experienced continual snow. 

The training was given free to underprivileged youths by Innovative Outdoor and they are a proud group of young men.   In addition to his skills, he made some very good friends and professionals that will help him in his future career in Tourism. 

If you’re planning a trek in Nepal, let us know – maybe you can trek with Anish!


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  1. That’s very exciting! Congratulations to Anish and the others who are moving forward with their futures with much support, encouragement and love from Ama Ghar.

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