Poonam Reports from Kathmandu

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Poonam Mudvari, Ama Foundation Board Member

Poonam Mudvari, Ama Foundation Board Member

Ama Foundation Board Member Poonam Mudvari filed this report from Kathmandu – all good news!

“I attended an annual PAC ( Project Advisory Committee) meeting with Bonnie and few of the Ama Ghar Board members at the Social Welfare Center in Kathmandu. We met with representatives from Social Welfare Council, Ministry of Women and Chidlren and a few other organizations that monitor Children Homes like ours, to update them on our developments and to present our ideas on community involvement.

The representatives were tuned in to what it takes to operate an organization like ours and gave us constructive feedback on the ideas we had presented to them. The meeting ended in a positive note as they were very impressed with our eco-friendly approach in the construction and operation of our new home.

They also informed us that we are one of the 56 recognized organizations out of hundreds of other non profit organizations operating now in Nepal. YAY!!!!!!!”

                                                              — Poonam Mudvari

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