Learning about our Country

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In December, the Ama Ghar kids had a great adventure! Since we think it’s important for them to learn about the natural wonders of Nepal that are their heritage, we took everyone to Chitwan National Park to ride elephants, search for the endangered one horned rhinos and learn how to navigate a dugout canoe. Enjoy these photos – everyone had a wonderful time and came away with a new appreciation of their amazing country. Thank you for helping us to make this kind of outing possible!

The Ama Ghar group was happy on arrival, even after a long bus ride!

The little ones were the most excited, since this was their first major outing.

Riding in a dugout canoe was exciting, even for our Aunties!

Our older girls found out that elephants provide a pretty bumpy ride!

It was all worth it when they were able to spot one horned rhinos in their natural habitat.