Birthdate: 2004

Sunita has been with us for one full year and is doing very well. Given that she had a late start in schooling we are very pleased with her hard work and interest in her school work. She has a daily tutor to help her in her studies. Sunita sustained a head injury on July 1 when a classroom wall collapsed at the school. She was in ICU for five days and home in eight days. It was a very close call, we almost lost her. She has regular follow-up exams as is doing very well without any further head trauma symptoms.

She was very excited to be re-connected with her older sister who was found and able to come to visit. Having a family member in her life is wonderful for her. She is very excited to have dance lessons and has said she wants to be a dance teacher. She continues to enjoy knitting with her sisters and Uma our house supervisor.