Birthdate: March 2007

Bina has had quite a year of incidents with many trips to the doctor but is resilient and lucky. On July 1 she was in the school classroom that was damaged by a collapsing rock wall. The rocks killed two girls and injured 25. Bina was one of the worst injured.  She had a soft tissue head injury and initially we thought she might have had a neck fracture, luckily her neck was fine. She did have a very deep nasty cut next to her left eye but that has healed nicely with the work of an excellent plastic surgeon.  She was the first one to ask when she could leave the hospital and come home. The injured have had counseling to help them cope with the scare they had. Then we noticed a lump under her arm and she was diagnosed with TB. As the TB is in a lymph node she will only be on medication and follow-up treatment for six months.

Despite all of this, Bina is smiling, happy and even a little bit naughty at times. She is doing well in school but needs encouragement to keep working hard on her homework.