Kalpana has wings!

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Kalpana, second from left, with some of her teammates at Qatar Airways.

Kalpana, second from left, with some of her teammates at Qatar Airways.

Our smart and beautiful Kalpana was hired from among 500 applicants as an employee of Qatar Airlines, based in Doha – another great example of the success of our mission. She is currently working as a ticket agent, helping to assist VIP fliers. Here’s an excerpt from her most recent email to Bonnie Auntie:

“Trying to adjust in a new country, new people, new environment, new job etc…. I passed my medical and now I have to pass my 6months of probation which will be completed in June /July and we get our annual ticket and a 14 days vacation so I’m planning to come to Nepal … I’m missing everyone so much!

My job here is to assist first and business class customers and sometimes VIPs too … I have to welcome them , take care oft their check-in process and sometimes work the transfer desk too …. It’s so tiring sometimes because I’ve been scheduled for night duty only …but I’m enjoying too.

Ready for work!

Ready for work!

This is me in my uniform . And the good news is that I have been suggested by my department seniors to try for cabin crew after I complete my probation term.

My room mate is from Tunisia. She speaks French and English and due to our duty timing we rarely get time to chat. Here in Qatar for Qatar Airways staff it’s like a curfew. After 12 at midnight we can’t go outside and if we are outside we have to be back before 12 except if we are on duty .

I miss you all and plz auntie convey my love to everyone……”


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  1. Seeing you so grown-up and professional just brought tears to my eyes! I am literally straining to see the keypad in from of me! I could not be prouder of your accomplishments, Kalpana. Too bad I will most likely never be able to experience your poise, as my chances of flying VIP with Qatar Airlines in this lifetime is quite remote. My dear friend Liz Lance, who has lived in Nepal for years and speaks very good Nepali, also lives in Qatar. I can try and connect you if you would like!

    jennifer auntie

  2. Hi so lovely to see the picture of Kalpana. I visited Amar Ghar in 2009 and remember spending time with her and the other girls. I particularly remember helping her with a poem I think from Christine Duffy about a starry night and looking at the stars from the roof top of the home.
    Well done Kalpana you should be very proud

    Julie auntie x

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