Ama Ghar Staff

Bhesh Nepali: Ama Ghar Administrator
Raised at Parpokar Orphanage he came to us as he had known Shrawan from his visits.
Just out of school, Bhesh was ready to learn and has become a wonderful asset to Ama Ghar. He is charming with all guests and loves the time he has with the children. He has a lovely wife and two sweet girls ages 2 & 5 who get a lot of attention from their Ama Ghar friends.

Uma Singh: Ama Ghar House Supervisor
Uma was raised in Kalimpong and worked as a young girl in a children’s home. She is indispensable in managing the children’s health, nutrition and general well being. She has a lovely family, her husband and 15 year old daughter who often spend time with us.

Dhana Adikhari: Ama Ghar House Mother
Our first house mother and superb cook. Dhana came to Ama Ghar with her young daughter Rama and they have found a home here. You will always find Dhana with a ready smile and willingness to do whatever is needed. A gem! She lives at Ama Ghar and keeps an eye on the little ones at night.

Tan Bahadur Pun: Ama Ghar House Father
From a remote hardworking Magar village, Tan came to Kathmandu to find a job to support his family of a wife and 5 children. He shares the boys room and is busy keeping the boys in order and with the maintenance of the house. He has a quite but stern manner and is always pleasant.

Radhika Silwal: Ama Ghar Laundry women
Radhika has a husband and two children, a boy age 13, a girl age 8. She never fails to come in the morning to wash and rinse the piles of linens and clothes of the younger children that are always waiting for her. She also helps in the house with cleaning when necessary, always with a beautiful smile.

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